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Support page Swiss Seaplane Pilot P3D V4

Installation of Swiss Seaplane Pilot for P3D V4

Probably you will receive a message when installing Swiss Seaplane Pilot for P3D, that Switzerland Pro is not installed within P3D V4. The most important is, that Switzerland Pro is activated in the scenery Library. It does not matter in which folder CHPro is installed.
Questions Answers

Service Pack 2 (includes also Service Pack 1)

I have properly installed Swiss Seaplane Pilot in Prepar3D V4, but I can not see the frozen lake surfaces.


If I want to launch the german speeking mission "Greyerzersee - Schwarzsee", an error message occurs (see image below), the mission can not be startet.
During the landing procedure of the same mission in French or English, I am instructed to lower the water rudder instaed of the landing gear to land on the frozen lake.
The welcome message of two missions are fired somewhen during the mission instead at the beginning.



You must install the Scenery Display Engine (SODE). The installer of SODE is included in the download files from SimMarket.
The filename of the installer is: Installer_SODE_v1.6.3.msi
To install SOED, just double click on this installer.

In case you have purchased Swiss Seaplane Pilot for P3D V4 before December 13. 2018, you must download and install the Service Pack 2 (SP2).
This will solve all mentioned problems.
If you purchased it after December 13. 2018, you do not need Service Pack 2.

Download Service Pack 2 (English Version)
Download Service Pack 2 (French Version)

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