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Support page Swiss Glacier Pilot FSX

Before using the Support Form, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Swiss Glacier Pilot Support Form

Service Pack 1 is now available (scroll further down)

Questions Answers
I purchased the Box-Version of Swiss Glacier Pilot X. Where can I find the product key? On the inner left hand side of the DVD-Box, there is a small flyer. To the right of the top picture of that flyer, there is the product key.
Are the glacier landing fields compatibel with FSGlobal? No. Depending on the number of requests, this could be taken into consideration with a subsequent version.

The static airplanes on the glacier do not seem to have textures.


Deactivate the DirectX 10 preview in FSX. This setting can be done through the top menu bar: Options -> Settings -> Display -> Graphics.

direct X 10

The glacier landing field looks like covered with a shadow.


Switch the season to Summer and the daytime to noon.


Service Pack 1 (June 2013)

Improvements included in the Service Pack 1:

  • On all landing places on the Glacier of Wildhorn, there were some disturbing bumps at the end of the landing fields. These bumps are eliminated with the Service Pack 1 (see images below).
          wh org wh sp1
  • The static Piper aircraft on the landing fields "eat" too much frames and the frame rate drops. By means of the scenery density adjustment from "NORMAL" to "EXTREMELY DENSE", the total number of static Piper can be varied in order to optimize the frame rate.
  • An additional snow effect was added to the Piper aircraft. When increasing the rpm of the propeller, snow is swirl through the air, even if the aircraft is not moving. This effect is specially seen at the lower end of the runway.

           Download Service Pack 1

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