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Support page Swiss Glacier Pilot

Before using the Support Form, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Swiss Glacier Pilot Volume 2 Support Form

Questions Answers
Does Swiss Glacier Pilot X Volume 1 have to be installed in order to use Swiss Glacier Pilot Volume 2. No, both volume 1 and volume 2 are independent of each other. The exception is the FSX mission "Plaine-Morte - Wildhorn - Les Diablerets".
This mission will only be installed if Volume 1 is also installed.
I purchased the Box-Version of Swiss Glacier Pilot X Volume 2. Where can I find the product key? On the inner left hand side of the DVD-Box, there is a small flyer. To the right of the top picture of that flyer, there is the product key.
I purchased the download version from SimMarket and the original manual and the checklist for the Fieseler Storch by Simon Smeiman are missing.

Download both files here:

Original manual         Checklist

Are the glacier landing fields compatibel with FSGlobal? No. Depending on the number of requests, this could be taken into consideration with a subsequent version.
The static airplanes on the glacier do not seem to have textures.


Deactivate the DirectX 10 preview in FSX. This setting can be done through the top menu bar: Options -> Settings -> Display -> Graphics.

direct X 10

The glacier landing field looks like covered with a shadow.


Switch the season to Summer and the daytime to noon.


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