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Version 1.2 Upgrade for Patrouille Suisse Extension for FSX

This upgrade 1.2 can be installed for Patrouille Suisse X and for Patrouille Suisse Extension for FSX.
The Patrouille Suisse service packs SP1 and SP2 are integrated in this upgrade.

Corrections and improvements for Patrouille Suisse X can be seen here.

Corrections for Patrouille Suisse Extension

  • A number of features as listed below were only operational, after the 2D-Panel has been toggled through once:
    - Automatic retraction of the nose gear strut after takeoff
    - Automatic switch-off of the landing light when retracting the landing gear after takeoff
    - Wind noise when speed brake is extended
    - Supersonic sound activation
    - Radar main switch
    - Auto smoke activation
    - Vortices on flaps activated

Improvements for Patrouille Suisse Extension

  • When starting the missions, the view mode is initially set to the virtual cockpit.
Download Version 1.2 Upgrade
Manual and Missions for Patrouille Suisse Extension in French

Now available here...

Translation by Charles Chammartin.


Questuions and answers for Patrouille Suisse Extension


I can not see any Patrouille Suisse aircraft, no show smoke and I can not hear the commands of the leader. What is wrong?


On some PC-Systems, the entry of the PS-replayer module is not done or done incorrect during the installation process. This entry can be done manually after the installation.

You are working with Windows XP (shown with the german version on Windows XP):
In the directory "C: \ Dokumente und Einstellungen \ WinXP \ Anwendungsdaten \ Microsoft \ FSX" you can find the file dll.xml (or only visible "dll"). Instead of "WinXP" your username could be in place.
In this file, the following entry must be visible:

    <Name>Patrouille Suisse Player</Name>

You are working with Windows 7:
Be sure, that you are logged in as administrator.
The procedure is the same, but the path of the file dll.xml is: C:\User\"Username"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\
Instead of "Username" your own username could be in place.



I installed the Version 1.2 Upgrade and the turn coordinator is still not working. What can I do?


You probably have the "Autorudder" activated. On the top menu bar, select Aircraft -> Realism Setttings... and deactivate the Autorudder, which is on the bottom right under Flight Controls. Then the turn coordinator ball will move again.

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