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Fly the Tiger X - Support page

Service Pack 4 for Fly the Tiger X for FSX (March 2014)

Changes included in Service Pack 4

  • A number of features as listed below were only operational, after the 2D-Panel has been toggled through once:
    - Automatic retraction of the nose gear strut after takeoff
    - Automatic switch-off of the landing light when retracting the landing gear after takeoff
    - Wind noise when speed brake is extended
    - Supersonic sound activation
    - Radar main switch
    - Auto smoke activation
    - Vortices on flaps activated

Download Service Pack 4


Service Pack 3 for Fly the Tiger X for FSX (June 2012)

Changes included in Service Pack 3

  • The indication of the turn coordinators ist corrected.
  • The sidewinder and the rack on the wing tips are now also visible from the virtual cockpit and correspont to the spot plane view.

Download Service Pack 3 (13MB)

Turn coordinator

Sidewinder and Rack seen from the virtual cockpit




Service Pack 2 for Fly the Tiger X for FSX (May 2010)

Changes included in Service Pack 2

  • When selecting the F-5E Tiger II from the aircraft selection menu, the viewpoint of the spot plane view was much to far (approx. 60 m). Thanks to Arno, administrator of FSDeveloper.com, this could finally be corrected. The viewpoint is now changed to 8 m (see screenshots below).

Download Service Pack 2 (17MB)

Far view point (60 m)
Fly the Tiger X SP2

Changed viewpoint (8 m) with Service Pack 2
Fly the Tiger SP2


Service Pack 1 for Fly the Tiger X for FSX (March 2009)

Changes included in Service Pack 1

  • The USAF model with 2 sidewinders and the external tank had one sidewinder connected with the flaps. This bug is fixed.
  • Extended functionality in the virtual cockpit with the light switch for the cockpit illumination, the master caution lamp/switch etc.
  • 3D-compass in the virtual cockpit is now turning.
  • Indication of the frequencies of COM1, COM2, NAV1, NAV2 on the COM-Panel in the virtual cockpits is now operative.
  • Traffic radar integrated in the virtual cockpit.
  • Extended functionality on the right side panel of the virtual cockpit with the switches for the external lights (nav-light, strobe-lights etc.).
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes.
  • Correction in the manual, which is available on the product site at Flylogic: http://www.flylogicsoftware.com/site/frameset_de.htm

Download Service Pack 1 (11MB)

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